Paula Coloma, Owner of Medkit Health Medical Institute

Paula Coloma is a Owner of MedKit Health Medical Institute, a premier provider of cosmetic and plastic surgery treatments in Ft Lauderdale, FL. With almost 10 years of experience in child psychology her professional field, Paula has established herself as an expert in the industry.

Paula graduated with Honors in Psychology, specializing in Children and Adolescents. She works individually as well as in prestigious interdisciplinary teams in both public and private areas. Paula is also the creator and coordinator of the Elet Medical Center, which boasts an interdisciplinary team of excellence for a holistic approach to health.

In the last 4 years, Paula has worked with health companies, serving as the managing partner of Medkit SRL. She offers the highest quality medical products and equipment, along with associated health services that cater to the needs of clients. Additionally, Paula is a key figure in the creation and coordination of strategic health approach projects in various countries, including a recent project in the Bahamas.

Paula’s passion for health extends beyond just physical beauty. She believes in a comprehensive and holistic approach to patient care, ensuring that her patients not only look good but also feel good. It was this belief that led her to co-create MedKit Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery, a aesthetic company that offers warm and excellent care to patients.

Whether you’re looking for holistic treatments or top-notch cosmetic treatments, Paula Coloma and the team at Medkit Health Medical Institute have got you covered.

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Marco Perera, Co-Owner and consultant of Medkit Health Medical Institute

Dr. Perera, an internationally-recognized surgeon and founder of Medkit Health Medical Institute, is a leading expert in reconstructive surgery. He graduated from the prestigious University of Córdoba in Argentina and has performed numerous successful surgeries over the years.

With decades of experience in his field, Dr. Perera has established himself as one of the top surgeons in Argentina, playing a pivotal role in establishing the region’s first-ever ambulatory and reconstructive surgery clinic. His academic and professional achievements include serving as Minister of Health and Federal Health Delegate of the Province of La Rioja.

Dr. Perera’s expertise extends beyond surgery. He has also created pre and post-pandemic Mobile Hospitals that have had a global impact, reaching communities in need across multiple countries.

At Medkit Health Institute, Dr. Perera brings his extensive knowledge and expertise to Medkit Health Institute clients, providing personalized care and comprehensive treatment plans. He uses the latest techniques and technology to help patients look and feel their best.

His commitment to excellence and patient satisfaction is evident in the glowing reviews he receives from his clients.

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